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Eagle Rock View

by admin last modified Jun 30, 2008 06:33 AM
Faux panoramic from Eagle Rock in Little Basin
Eagle Rock View

Facing east from Eagle Rock

Starting with the disclaimers, I'm not a photographer nor much of a naturalist.  As a story teller, I love photography and hate snapshots.  My hypocrisy justifies the photos below as "documentation" which also serves as my excuse for their quality or lack there of.  I'm an avid hiker because I love covering terrain.  I do love to look at all the flora and fauna as I hike, I just know very little about it.  So I'm making no claims that anything is special.

Try zooming in on any of them, they actually came out alright.

View From Eagle Rock 12View From Eagle Rock 11View From Eagle Rock 10View From Eagle Rock 9View From Eagle Rock 8View From Eagle Rock 7View From Eagle Rock 6View From Eagle Rock 5View From Eagle Rock 4View From Eagle Rock 3View From Eagle Rock 2View from Eagle Rock


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