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Ross Patterson

by Ross Patterson last modified Jul 26, 2011 05:46 AM
A Python/Plone CMS Developer
Title Description
Emerald Sprint Report Out Merging versioning and and constrained types into Dexterity near Beautiful Seattle. VPS: "We don't assume you are stupid" Excellent, affordable VPS service done in a way that feels very much like participating in an open-source community.
POSKeyError During Commit A terrifying tale of ZODB errors that only showed during the hardest time to debug.
WSGI apps on IIS iiswsgi provides a WSGI server providing a FCGI gateway to IIS and commands for distributing apps as WebPI packages
Looking for Projects and/or a Team I'm available for work and am interested in contract/consultant projects or a position with a team.
Plone lands on IIS! Help me test a new GUI Plone install on Windows and IIS.
Sea Sprint 2012 Report-Out A Python snob's adventures in JS testing land.
Python Web Apps on IIS Can Plone work better on Windows? I have a working proof-of-concept with Web Platform Installer, Web Matrix and IIS Express that may improve Plone's installatio...
Cioppino Sprint 2012 I'm so glad this Bodega Bay, CA sprint is becoming a tradition
Plone Sprints East I'm going to Plone Sprints East, a sprints event with a symposium thrown in for flavoring.
PyCon 2012 Sprints Sprinting after PyCon and my first time working with and contributing to Pyramid.
PyCon 2012 Talks A bit about my experience at my first PyCon and the talks.
Building Python with Subversion 1.7 I ran into a problem when trying to build Python from source after upgrading SVN.
Buildout Performance Improvements Getting a 6-7 fold decrease in zc.buildout run times.
experimental.broken Graceful handling of broken interfaces and components in the ZODB.
Making easy_install play nicely with multi-arch How to help extensions built with easy_install find Debian/Ubuntu multi-arch libraries.
$300 Ticket for Plone Conference 2011 My old boss has a ticket to Plone Conference 2011 that he can't use afterall.
Centralized Git-SVN mirror For those of us using lots of "git svn clone"s, is any sort of central mirror worth it?
Ratpoison is Dead, Long Live StumpWM Replacing ratpoison with StumpWM.
Grab Bag of git/svn stuff Using gitify to pretend everyone has already switched
I very much enjoy elegant pragmatism and pragmatic elegance and I think building web applications is one of the best ways to express that union, so that's what I do! See posts of general interest to python, Zope, and Plone development here, or see: If you're looking for a team member, see my resume.

IRC: rossp
Yahoo IM: patterson_ross
AIM: rosspatters
Skype: merpattersonnet

PO Box 7775 #10587
San Francisco, CA

+1 (415) 894-5323