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by Ross Patterson last modified Feb 16, 2008 10:47 AM
Notes, findings, and ideas
Title Description
Evaluating Add-Ons What is the risk of adding a given dependency?
Balancing DRY and Readability Some complexity belongs in your editor/IDE
Community Introspection Same risks and rewards as for the individual
Nonprofit Software Development Summit 3 brilliant days with cracked out LAMP folks
Running Tests in Egg Buildouts A quick note about a gotcha with plone.recipe.zope2instance.ctl
My Borrowed World Plone Day How I crashed Donna Snow's presentation
Cloud Busting What does it mean to be a good cloud citizen?
Fine-Grained PM on Small Projects Increasing control while reducing project management costs
Testbrowser Redirects with Fragments Using zope.testbrowser when a redirect URL includes a fragment
Re-using SSH Connections Automatic master SSH connections for sharing and multiplexing
Spaces in User Names and psvn.el Handling SVN user names with spaces in emacs' svn-status.
Strange Critters A few strange critters I ran into hiking
Foxglove White foxglove from East Ridge Road in Big Basin.
Eagle Rock View Faux panoramic from Eagle Rock in Little Basin
Adding testbrowser Form Inputs Mock dynamic form inputs with zope.testbrowser
Aerobie AeroPress Who knew the best coffee maker would come from a toy company?
Buildout - One Zope2 Build I can share one Zope2 build between all buildouts
Products.PDBDebugMode Egg I've eggified my post_mortem debugging tool
Debugging with MockMailHost Using the mock MailHost on a real instance
Hotel internet on Ubuntu TCP window scaling and broken routers
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