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by Ross Patterson last modified Dec 21, 2007 12:37 AM
Software I've authored or contributed to
Title Description
WSGI apps on IIS iiswsgi provides a WSGI server providing a FCGI gateway to IIS and commands for distributing apps as WebPI packages
collective.gsqi A grab bag of patches to GS and portal_quickinstaller
collective.contemplate Add content from existing content templates
bbdb.gmailfilter GMail filters from emacs BBDB
New membrane and remember Maintainer Rob Miller announced today that I'll be the new maintainer
collective.securitycleanup GenericSetup handlers to restore Zope security to defaults
collective.slideshowfolder Somtimes useful extensions to Products.slideshowfolder
collective.redirect Administer redirects to internal or external URLs using Link like content
collective.formcriteria User enterable search criteria forms for collections/topic/smart folders.
collective.testcaselayer Use test cases as zope.testing layers
rpatterson.mailsync OfflineIMAP, mswatch, and Gnus integration for realtime mail
z3c.persistentfactory Persistent instance method ZCA factories
z3c.gibberish CSV files of random dictionary words
z3c.recipe.ldap deploy an OpenLDAP server
zc.buildout Contributed fixes
Products.CMFPlacefulWorkflow GenericSetup export and import handlers
z3c.recipe.egg working with source distributions
z3c.repoexternals Generate svn:externals from trunks in a repository
z3c.offlinepack pack a ZODB without running Zope
grouparchy.setuptools A setup command for uploading a release to SVN
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