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Ross Patterson

by Ross Patterson last modified Jul 26, 2011 05:46 AM
A Python/Plone CMS Developer
Title Description
z3c.recipe.ldap deploy an OpenLDAP server
S3/SimpleDB ZODB exploring Amazon S3/SimpleDB ZODB storage
ZEO on EC2 exploring elastic Amazon EC2 ZEO clusters
z3c.recipe.egg working with source distributions
z3c.offlinepack pack a ZODB without running Zope
grouparchy.testing re-use ZODBs for expensive test fixtures
grouparchy.login flexible login, login steps, and single URL login
grouparchy.index.provider index provided interfaces
grouparchy.porter zope.formlib for large data sets
z3c.componentdebug verbose ComponentLookupErrors
grouparchy.schema zope.schema field events and directlyProvided fields
Products.sharedusers share member across portals
Products.cygwinpatch Zope under cygwin
grouparchy community group semantics
Products.PDBDebugMode postmortem debugging of Zope exceptions
I very much enjoy elegant pragmatism and pragmatic elegance and I think building web applications is one of the best ways to express that union, so that's what I do! See posts of general interest to python, Zope, and Plone development here, or see: If you're looking for a team member, see my resume.

IRC: rossp
Yahoo IM: patterson_ross
AIM: rosspatters
Skype: merpattersonnet

PO Box 7775 #10587
San Francisco, CA

+1 (415) 894-5323