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Ross Patterson

by Ross Patterson last modified Jul 26, 2011 05:46 AM
A Python/Plone CMS Developer
Title Description
Aerobie AeroPress Who knew the best coffee maker would come from a toy company?
Buildout - One Zope2 Build I can share one Zope2 build between all buildouts
collective.formcriteria User enterable search criteria forms for collections/topic/smart folders.
collective.testcaselayer Use test cases as zope.testing layers
Products.PDBDebugMode Egg I've eggified my post_mortem debugging tool
Debugging with MockMailHost Using the mock MailHost on a real instance
rpatterson.mailsync OfflineIMAP, mswatch, and Gnus integration for realtime mail
z3c.persistentfactory Persistent instance method ZCA factories
Hotel internet on Ubuntu TCP window scaling and broken routers
Is python-openid 2.0.2 broken an upgrade broke openid login
ZopeTestCase and packages Please put ZopeTestCase out of my misery
Emacs, pdb, and zip_safe eggs restoring pdbtrack grace to zipped eggs
Screen Sessions at Boot start screen sessions during init
RSS Comments an OOTB substitute for email notification
Site-Wide Spell-Checking spell-checking web spiders
Installing Add-Ons TTW point-and-click installation of Plone extensions
Plone 3 RSS modifying the RSS output
About this Site the why and how of building this site
z3c.recipe.subprocess manage daemons and other processes
z3c.gibberish CSV files of random dictionary words
I very much enjoy elegant pragmatism and pragmatic elegance and I think building web applications is one of the best ways to express that union, so that's what I do! See posts of general interest to python, Zope, and Plone development here, or see: If you're looking for a team member, see my resume.

IRC: rossp
Yahoo IM: patterson_ross
AIM: rosspatters
Skype: merpattersonnet

PO Box 7775 #10587
San Francisco, CA

+1 (415) 894-5323