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Ross Patterson

by Ross Patterson last modified Jul 26, 2011 05:46 AM
A Python/Plone CMS Developer
Title Description
Using Functional Tests for Profiling Use your functional tests with zope.testing/zope.testrunner to do easier profiling.
Ratpoison under Gnome Configuring ratpoison as Gnome's window manager preserving all the Gnome goodness.
Cioppino Sprint I'm back home after the west coast sprint formerly known as the Tahoe sprint, is now on, and I can spell Cioppino without looking it up.
Migrating a blobstorage Addressing the "ZODB.blob WARNING (PID) The `lawn` blob directory layout is deprecated due to scalability issues on some file systems, please consider migrating...
Trying out Chameleon My experiences with Chameleon, testing compatibility and z3c.form
Does the Tool Really Deserve the Credit? When we rave about a tool being superior because we used it to solve a given problem, is it really the tool or the familiarity with the problem we gained in lea...
Dogfood Dinner Bell It's that time again to upgrade my Blog to the latest Plone.
TTW Dexterity Vocabularies First report from the Tahoe Sprint working on user-enterable vocabularies in the schema editory.
AT Relation Field Working with David Brennan on two-way references and relationships between Archetypes and Dexterity.
collective.formcriteria folder_contents Managing content with collections
collective.gsqi A grab bag of patches to GS and portal_quickinstaller
collective.contemplate Add content from existing content templates
testbrowser Patches collective.testcaselayer 1.2 includes some patches for functional browser testing
GSML GenericSetup import hadlers ala ZCML directive handlers
GPG Key Transition I'm now using a new and more secure OpenPGP key
LDAP, Certificates and Buildout, oh my! Bringing LDAP and SSL/SASL/TLS certificates into the buildout fold
Stagger supervisord Poor man's supervisor program startup delay
bbdb.gmailfilter GMail filters from emacs BBDB
collective.formcriteria Ready for beta testers!
Bristol Performance Sprint Post-Mortem Functional benchmarking plus buildbot
I very much enjoy elegant pragmatism and pragmatic elegance and I think building web applications is one of the best ways to express that union, so that's what I do! See posts of general interest to python, Zope, and Plone development here, or see: If you're looking for a team member, see my resume.

IRC: rossp
Yahoo IM: patterson_ross
AIM: rosspatters
Skype: merpattersonnet

PO Box 7775 #10587
San Francisco, CA

+1 (415) 894-5323